2D is Dead!

Well, maybe not dead, but it’s walking with a cane and getting its estate in order… Since primitive people drew on cave walls, we’ve always gravitated toward the most realistic representations.  As technologies evolved, the most immersive media beat out the least.  In just this century:  Radio got beat by TV.  “Talkies” replaced silent.  Black-&-white got supplanted by color.   And now, we’re seeing the transition from monoscopic 2D to stereoscopic 3D.  Eventually, “S-3D” will edge out 2D, and we’ll look back on “flatties” nostalgically.  When done right, 3D gets us a step closer to the our ideal immersive & virtual experience.  Stay tuned to  JoshKlatt.com/blog for discussion, critique, and celebration of all things stereoscopic 3D.

About the 3D viewing options at JoshKlatt.com

This site incorporates a viewing choice option (similar to the great “yt3D” YouTube feature) that lets you switch between a few of the most desirable 3d viewing standards.  If you are looking for a different viewing method not available here, check out my stuff on YouTube where 8 more anaglyph formats and other options are available.

At JoshKlatt.com/3dvideo, use the dropdown in the upper left corner of the 3D video or 3D photo galleries to choose your preferred 3D viewing method.  Got colored glasses?  If they’re red/cyan you can choose that from the dropdown…  Got a new 3D laptop?  You probably want to download separate Left and Right clips…   The dropdown options are detailed below:

–> Download L + R  (Advanced)

The best way to see this stuff is on a 3D TV or computer monitor with polarized glasses or shutter glasses… If you’ve got a new 3D TV or computer display, choose the above option to download separate Left and Right files.  Play these files back on your PC (with stereoscopic player or tridef player or other 3D movie player software) and watch them on any brand/technology 3D display.  Check out the readme doc in the downloaded folder for more information on how you can play these movies on your 3D TV/monitor.

–> Red/Cyan Glasses

If you’ve got the standard red/cyan glasses, choose this option from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the 3D gallery pages.  No glasses?  Get some free HERE.

–> Cross-Eyed

If you’ve got no fancy monitor, and no red/cyan 3D glasses, you’re still not out of luck!  Try Cross-Eyed viewing.   Some instructions HERE

–> Parallel

Parallel is Left on the left side and Right on the right side.  Choose this option from the dropdown list if you have a stereoscope or are free-viewing.

–> 2D

If you can’t see 3D or don’t want to, choose this option to watch a 2D version of the movies/photos.

Dont forget to check out YouTube‘s  great 3D function built into their site- one of the best online S3D viewing platforms around.  Watch my videos THERE and get a more extensive selection of viewing methods from dropdown menu.